Hide and seek is a classic game known to every kid. You probably used to play it a lot when you were small. Now you can play it on your smartphone and, even more, the rules have been tweaked by adding guns! Players are divided into two teams, one group is hiding, while the others (hunters) are looking for them. Think nothing special? You’re wrong! While the hunters carry rifles and shoot at people they find, those hiding can disguise themselves as any of the objects in the room and try not to catch their opponents’ eye. If you were revealed, run as fast as you can! But even if you are driven into the corner, don’t give up – your enemy can run short of bullets any time! The game is very absorbing. Nice graphics, interesting gameplay, fun atmosphere. Hide Online is highly addicting, you can play it day and night. An amazing option to kill time! There is also a game store where you can stock up on new rifles and buy colorful skins. You’ll definitely enjoy the variety of weapons and levels, each offering a different environment to hide in. Tell your friends about this game, connect with them over the network and play against each other just like years ago when girls were still wearing pigtails and boys scratches on their knees with cheats!

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