For Kids

Today we will play in a very interesting version of hide and seek. In this game, those who are hiding should turn into a variety of objects and take their places in the room, and those who are seeking should try to determine which of the objects are not real. You can understand this when disguised players start moving – then the hunters should not yawn and shoot them from their guns! But you should keep your eyes peeled, because each mistake reduces the amount of your health. Your task is to find as many opponents as possible before it ends. The choice of locations and weapons is huge, you can try your hand in the children’s room, in the student dormitory, in the office building or at the industrial warehouse, while shooting from a wide range of guns and rifles, up to laser ones. The game is very interesting and exciting. Nice graphics, drawn in a special style, pleases the eye. You can play it at any time, spending either five minutes or whole hours. Invite your friends to Hide Online and play with them or compete with random players from around the globe!

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