When we were kids, we all loved playing hide and seek. This game is a great way to remember those careless times and enjoy our favorite game. But in a quite unexpected manner! Each round is match between two teams – those who are hiding (they are called soldiers) and those who are seeking (they are called hunters). The soldiers can take the shape of any objects to ‘get lost’ among the furnishings and baffle the hunters. Meanwhile, the task of the hunters is to figure out which of the objects look odd in the room and shoot them. The one who gains the highest number of points and survives for the longest time becomes the winner. Are you ready to play? The let’s go!

First, you are about to pick the side you’ll be playing for. If you chose to be a soldiers, you can turn into one of the items at the begging of the level – hamburger, chair, box, computer, anything. As you are hiding, there is a special bar on the screen that keeps increasing every second, and when it’s filled, your character will start uttering various sounds and showing smilies giving away your location. This is the very moment you’ll start scoring points.

If you are playing for the team of hunters, you’ll get points for each accurate shot. But beware: if you miss, you’ll see your health bar drop. That means you have some number of attempts and can afford to make a few mistakes, but opening false fire too often will eventually deplete your supply of health and you won’t be able to continue the game. There are numerous firearms for you to choose from and you’ll be excited to finally unlock them all. Hide Online is an amazing arcade game to play with your friends. So why don’t you start right now and see who hides and seeks best?

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