Do you enjoy hiding? If the answer is yes, this is just the right game for you! It’s much like hide and seek, only with an element of shooter. First, you have to select a character – either the hunter or the soldier. The game has one simple rule: hunters should find and shoot soldiers who, for their part, need to turn into various objects and hide in a room so that hunters can’t figure out where they are. Let’s agree, it’s much more exciting that the regular version we used to play as kids! You can become any item of your choice – a plush toy, a fuzzy drink can, a box. Your goal is to hold out for as long as you can without being noticed by the hunters.

There are plenty of levels in Hide Online. Each time the action takes place on a different location. And the level of difficulty keeps growing. It will be more and more difficult to remain out of the hunters’ sight, but that’s the whole excitement of it! Your task is complicated by the fact that, time and again, there are marks appearing on the people who are hiding that allow the hunters to define your location. That is, if they are looking carefully! Besides, you need to constantly stay on the move. If you will be just standing still, getting stuck on one single spot, chances are high that you will be found very soon.

As for the hunters, playing for them is no less fascinating. You’ll get a gun with an unlimited number of bullets. So it doesn’t matter how many times you shoot at a wrong object – you’ll have plenty of other attempts to hit the target. However, there is a catch – if you miss, your health will decrease a little. Keep on an on the health bar otherwise it can end when you least expect it and you’ll drop out! The weapons are multiple, you can choose any rifle to your liking. Use your shots wisely and try to locate all the objects until the end!

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