Hide Online 2

If you want to try something new for a change, this game is just for you! Hide Online 2 is a thrilling shooter, where there is no blood, everything is peaceful and funny. But not everything is simple if you come across a professional who sits in this game whole day long, so beginners need to prepare for surprises!

The rules are very simple here – you hide and seek, each new round your role will change, so it is advisable to have experience in both disguising and seeking. Those who are hiding can take on the appearance of almost everything they see in front of them. You can transform into a computer mouse or a table, you can become a keyboard, then you can change our mind and adopt the look of a chair.

What do you need to know and be able to do as “props”, as the objects you can turn into are called? First of all, you need to learn where to hide, what items can and can not be imitated. You need to navigate quickly and not waste time trying to uselessly take shape, for example, of a refrigerator or cabinet. You need to be able to trick the hunter, to confuse them, to hide among a multitude of things similar to yourself, in secluded corners, so that the hunter is tired by everything that you have arranged for him and just leaves to look for another victim. It’s also important to move more actively, novice hunters will hardly even smash a huge table under their nose if you skillfully maneuver and jump around.

The hunter, however, must be very calculating, you don’t have too many chances for error. Of course, you need to change guns depending on the object you want to fire at. For example, why trying to put out a mouse trolling you and hopping in front of you from an ordinary pistol? You need to switch to a shotgun and reassure self-confident upstart. However, try not to give preference to one of the roles, you need to be able to play well each, then it is much easier to find and hide!

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