Hide Online 3

Hide Online is a thrilling and dynamic arcade where you will play hide and seek in real time with real people, only with a little hitch! Those hiding should transform into different objects trying to merge with the room’s interior and stay out of view field and those looking should watch carefully and shoot at targets they think are their opponents. With plenty of levels to check out, you won’t fall short of options to turn into. It can be anything – a glass, a chair, a toy. The most important thing is that it looks completely unnoticeable. But just making a successful choice isn’t enough – you should also move around the location to evade the hunters. Sticking quietly on one place might seem like a good strategy, but that’s actually the easiest way to get caught! Once in a while, there will be targets appearing on the soldiers. If one of the hunters notices you at that time, you’re almost sure to get shot! You can also choose to play for the other side and look for the soldiers for a change. That’s no less exciting. Besides, there is a wide array of weapons to select from. However, you must not miss too often, because each bad shot will affect your health. Play Hide Online with your friends and have fun!

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