Hide Online Android 3.3.0

When we hear a word shooter, we imagine something like Fortnite or PUBG, with a horde of players running and firing at each other, bullets whistling in the air, earth flying out of grenade craters and generally a bloody massacre taking place in some desert or wood. But it shouldn’t necessarily be so violent and intense. In fact, this popular genre can be combined with another, no less popular game from our childhood – hide and seek. Hide Online is an enjoyable hybrid allowing you to feel both the thrill of shooting and the excitement of hiding!

Join randomly created teams of hiders and seekers and enter the competition! Turn into one of the objects from your surroundings to disguise yourself and avoid being found. Simply decide what shape will make you most unrecognizable and take it. Once everyone has hidden, the seekers will step into the room and start searching. But since it’s a shooter, they will be armed with rifles. If they think one of the objects on the location is actually a player of the opposing team, they must fire. If the seeker’s guess is right, they will get a certain number of points. If not, they will lose a portion of their health.

But if you had to just turn into something and sit still for the whole time, that just wouldn’t be interesting and the seekers would have almost no chances to find you. So from time to time the item you chose as your disguise will come to life, pull faces and make sounds. That will naturally attract the attention of your opponents, so you’ll be forced to change your location not to be tracked and shot. You see, the rules are pretty simple and so are the controls. The graphics will also amaze you with a unique drawing style. Hide Online is an excellent option for whiling away a boring evening or simply taking a five-minute break from your daily routine. Play it online and enjoy!

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