Hide Online Mods

Hide Online is a captivating and funny network game where you are about to try on the roles of both Hunters and Objects! It belongs to the popular Prop Hunt genre and will surely bring you lots of pleasure! Choose the shape of any Object on the map or run away from your opponents to a merry tune. You can become a burger and hide in the toilet or turn into a box and lurk at the warehouse. It’s up to you to decide! Or you can seek other players as a Hunter. There are tons of weapons to help you in this, from basic rifles to laser guns. No single Object will evade your eagle eye! At the end, you’ll see the table of points each of the players managed to score. The player with most points wins. Hide Online is a great arcade for both kids and adults. Join thousands of players from all parts of the world and compete with your friends from your smartphone without having to gather at someone’s place and play hide and seek there!

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