Hide Online PC

Remember the shivers that were running down your spine when you were playing hide and seek as a small kid? Even though you were sitting quiet as a mouse, adrenaline was pumping big and a multitude of thoughts filled your head. ‘Did I hide well? Perhaps I didn’t close the wardrobe door tight enough behind me? Can he see me over that curtain?’ And every time the seeker came near, you caught your breath not to give yourself away. And if it was you seeking, you felt like a tiger on the hunt, walking around the room, looking for clues to tell you where the others could be hiding. Then you would tiptoe to an armchair and literally through yourself over it to catch a person allegedly sitting behind it off guard. Do you remember the triumph you felt when you were right and the disappointment when you didn’t guess? You can experience the same emotions in Hide Online where you have to either hide or seek in an exciting online game with real players!

However, the rules of the good old game have changed. First of all, there will be not one, but many seekers whose goal is to score as many points as possible finding more people than their opponents. Now the task of the rest of the players is not to simply hide somewhere in the room, but become its part. This can be done by… turning into different items that won’t attract attention and will look just like one of the many things scattered around. But don’t relax, with time, the object you transformed into will start giving away its presence – it will produce sounds and put on faces, all to give the seekers a chance to do their job.

Those seeking won’t be just walking idly back and forth and clicking the objects they think are the players they should find. Instead, they will carry guns and shoot at any item that will rise their suspicions. But of course, their attempts won’t be limitless. Each false shot will deplete their health. And if one of the hunters will be missing too often, they’ll simply fall out of the match. That adds more balance to the game making everyone’s chances even. At the end of the round, all the points are calculated and the person who scored most, whether a seeker or a hider, wins. Hide Online can be played over the network with your friends, so don’t wait to try it!

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