Hide Online Unblocked

What was your favorite childhood game? Surely hide and seek! Remember, we played it all the time, both at each other’s house and in the yard. Someone liked to hide more, others enjoyed seeking. But no matter what role you got, it was incredibly exciting and fun! Now you can play hide and seek online, and not just like that, but with an addition! It lies in the fact that it will be necessary to hide not among the things in the room, but turning into one of these things. It’s even better, because now nobody will find you for sure!

But don’t rush to rejoice and relax. The team of hunters is already on the road, armed with guns, from which they will shoot at objects, if they suspect that it is you. Of course, if everyone who had hidden were simply sitting still in their places without moving, it wouldn’t be very interesting to play. Therefore, the developers have added a detection option – after a while your object will fidget, squeak, even make faces. And if you don’t run away in time, the hunters will immediately shoot you down! To avoid this, keep an eye on the special scale on the screen – it will tell you when the dangerous period approaches.

If you are a hunter, you shouldn’t shoot just anywhere, too. The fact is that every shot past the target will take away your health. And the number of health points you have is not infinite. When the bar ends, you won’t be able to continue playing. That means you won’t be able compete for first place! At the end of the round, the application will calculate the points and make a table where you can see who scored most. But even if you are unlucky, don’t worry, you can try again and again! Over time, you will become more experienced and will be able to hide more effectively or learn how to accurately count your shots so that you always have enough health points in stock. A variety of levels, all with different furnishings, will keep you from getting bored!

Hide Online is a great game for spending time with friends or family. It will be interesting to players of all ages. But even if you have no one to play with, don’t be discouraged – you can simply go to the server and there will be plenty of allies and rivals waiting for you! Cute cartoon graphics, simple and intuitive controls, the ability to play over the network and unique gameplay with elements of different genres make Hide Online the very arcade that should be on every smartphone, including yours. You should definitely try it some time!

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