Hide Online y8

If you are looking for an interesting and positive game you can play not just with your friends, but also with strangers, you should definitely pay attention to Hide Online! The point of the game is that you have to either hide from a team of Hunters or look for Objects that are actually your disguised opponents. The Hunters are armed with rifles and have to shoot at any item they consider to be a player hiding from them. If an Object has been revealed, they need to get to their feet and run dodging the bullets.

You can select any item you want – TV set, book on the shelf, hamburger on the plate… The main thing is not to catch the Hunter’s eye. So try to stand still and not to move, at least until your Object becomes restless itself. Regardless of your actions, it will start jumping and rattling which can easily give you away. If one of the Hunters happens to be near at that moment, you have no other choice but to clear off!

If you are a Hunter, though, that doesn’t mean you can relax and just walk here and there lazily waiting for things to move. First of all, unlike in the classic hide and seek, you won’t be the only person looking and your opponents can easily get more points if you don’t take actions. For second, you have a limited number of shots, so save your bullets until you’re confident that you will hit the target!

There are multiple maps to play on and the menu is done in a peculiar style that will definitely amaze you. You can also select one of the many weapons and skins available. They can be received from boxes that are awarded for a certain number of games played. In the end of the match, you’ll see the results with each player’s score. Maybe you’ll find your name on top of the list! Hide Online is a nice game to while away a few hours or kill a few minutes. Play it right now here, on our site!

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