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Welcome to a new multiplayer shooter that’s quite unusual! It’s called Hide Online and it’s very different from anything you might expect from this genre. You won’t be running and creeping at some abandoned building site or an old military base, gathering loot or shooting at your rivals from a sniper’s rifle. Instead, the users are divided into two teams who then spread around the location. The goal is to shoot and kill the members of enemy teams. But with an interesting condition – one group will be hiding and the other will be seeking. Just like in a good old child game!

Those hiding have an advantage on their side – they can conceal by turning into various elements of their surroundings to stay unnoticed by other players. If you pick the right disguise, you can restore your initial appearance later and kill your enemies. A chair, a desk, a drawer… Choose any from the objects you see in the room and don’t give away your presence! Seekers, on the other hand, are equipped with guns to shoot the targets they suspect to be their disguised opponents. But it’s inadvisable to open fire until you’re sure it’s one of the players in front of you, not just a piece of furniture or decorations. If you miss, you’ll see your health drop. So you only have a limited number of shots you can fail, don’t fire at random!

From the very first moment, you’ll see how interesting and exciting this game is. The controls are intuitive and simple and you will easily get the hang of them. Plus it features curious hand-drawn graphics adding a special atmosphere. This is a perfect way to enjoy a multiplayer game without having to download it and spending hours on leveling and looting. Find a few minutes for Hide Online and you’ll understand why so many people from all over the globe already play this amazing game!

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